Monday, 2 April 2012

How To Treasure Yourself

Hi Ladies,

I'm sorry for being away for so long. The truth is I've had a hard time in my personal life and to be completely honest, I haven't felt like writing. About anything. I feel a little better now so to motivate myself (and all of you) to find who YOU are and treasure yourself, I have put together an inspiring list of things that I'm going to do over the next few weeks.

  • Tidy, clean and reorganise/redecorate your own personal space
  • Bake cupcakes
  • Burn candles (I'm loving Yankee Candles at the moment)
  • Give yourself a manicure
  • Buy fresh flowers for yourself
  • Exfoliate your whole body (I recommend Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory) followed by your favourite body moisturiser and moisturise everywhere, even between your toes!
  • Deep condition your hair while you sleep
  • Take an exercise class that you've been putting off
  • Let go of the past
  • Turn off your phone
  • Watch your favourite film in bed
  • Read 'Eat Pray Love'
  • Make plans
  • Take a chance on something that you normally wouldn't 
  • Buy yourself a piece of Dogeared jewellery (I love my 'Karma' necklace)
  • Sort out your finances / savings
  • Apologise
  • Buy yourself a pretty dress - dress up!
  • Wear natural false eyelashes, just because
  • Plan a break
  • Apply a face mask
  • Count your blessings instead of the negative things that have happened to you
  • Put YOU first
  • Try a new make up look
  • Challenge yourself - push yourself
  • Don't look back
  • Look at interior design blogs
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Be good to your body
  • Invest in alone time
  • Go to sleep early
  • Drink tea with biscuits and chocolate
  • Pair red lips and nails with a plain white tee
  • Save for a rainy day (or buy something that would make you happy)
What would you add to the list?

In other news, I've recently tried HD Eyebrows for the first time and I'm in love! In just one appointment, my eyebrows have completely changed for the better. If you haven't tried HD Eyebrows before, I highly recommend. 

Made In Chelsea is back on tonight at 9:00pm, I can't wait to see how Millie is wearing her make up!

I'll write again soon.

THANK YOU for reading. 

Lots of love,


  1. Loved this post Amy, so inspirational! Things are getting better for you already :) And can't wait to try HD eyebrows too. Xx

  2. Thank you! Do you fancy ticking the list off with me?

    Lots of love xxx

  3. You are missing one important addition to the "any minor to major trauma in life" list.

    You know whats coming...

    A good Box Set!

    Oh and I'd like a mit review too please xxx

  4. I need to borrow this Sex & The City Boxset that you go on abnout all the time!

    I'll see what I can do about your mit review!

    What else would you like to see?


  5. Great list! In particular 'dont look back' SO need to remember to do that esp when it comes to bad relationships! xxx