Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Ins & Outs

Hi Ladies,

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it! I'm loving the four day weekend!

As I haven't done an Ins & Outs post in a while, I felt the urge to do one. Hopefully there will be more 'Ins' than 'Outs'.


  • Jodie being back from Dubai for the weekend
  • Four day weekend
  • This wonderful Macbook that I love so much
  • The friends that have practically been my in house councillors recently (Christina, Steph and Nicola!)
  • Palmers Protein Pack
  • Rediscovering old music that I had forgotten about
  • Saving
  • Letting go
  • Chocolate Australian Crunch
  • Milly's gorgeous puppies
  • Car insurance that is paid off for the year
  • Soap & Glory EVERYTHING
  • Putting myself first for once
  • Comments on my blog!
  • Shellac
  • Planning a break to Center Parks with Nicola
  • Newlyweds Boxset
  • Lee Stafford Blow Dry Hair Faster Spray
  • Barn conversions
  • Fresh flowers
  • HD eyebrows
  • Sleep
  • Dogeared
  • Zen Tan


  • Having a brain that remembers

That is all! If you decide to do an Ins & Outs post, please link in the comments box below as I'd love to read!

Have a lovely day, whatever you decide to do. I'll write again soon.

Lots of love,


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