Friday, 6 July 2012

By Terry - Baume De Rose

Hi Ladies!!

I'm so glad to be back! I know, I've completely neglected you all and I'm sorry!

It feels so strange to actually be back writing. I hope that you've all been ok.

I'm sure that you've all heard about this product but I wanted to justify to you all that THIS PRODUCT IS WORTH THE MONEY!

I am, of cause, talking about By Terry's Baume De Rose. The blurb on the By Terry website describes the little beauty as "this melt-away balm, which has become the must-have of Hollywood stars, BY TERRY's ├╝ber-cult product, is a real ultra-glamorous SOS treatment to repair, nourish, regenerate and lastingly protect the lips.

This ultra-rich product is also a precious salve to care for and strengthen the cuticles.
Its creamy and delicately rose-scented texture, which is shiny without being sticky, coats the lips in an incredibly natural glossy finish.

In an instant, the lips are lastingly smoothed, plumped up, supple and protected!"

if that doesn't make you want to put your debit/credit card in the machine and hastily punching in your pin number, then I don’t know what would!

I’ll admit, spending £35 on a lipbalm did make me feel a but guilty when you can buy a Chapstick for 99p but then my Client justified it like this: “Well, according to reviews, it lasts a year. You’ll use it a few times a day for 365 days so it’s actually CHEAP! And you only have five layers of skin on your lips so you have to look after them!” I was sold!

So I’ve had it a week now. Do I want my £35 back? No way Jose!

And as we are all like magpies, LOOK how pretty it is!!!!!!!

Thank GOD it is Friday. Tonight will consist of wrapping myself up in a huge blanket away from all this horrible weather, eating too many carbs, watching trash TV and reading MORE 50 Shades Of Grey! Unsociable, me? Never!
What are your number one products at the moment?
Thanks for reading and for being so patient with me. 
Lots of love,