Friday, 6 January 2012

Neutrogena Pink Grape Fruit

Hi Ladies,

I hope that you're all well and that you're looking forward to the weekend.

Lately I've been becoming, dare I say, bored with my Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. I decided that I wanted to have a look around at other options (and cost effective ones at that as I'm trying to save!)

The Neutrogena Pink Grape Fruit caught my eye because of the packaging:             
I know how shallow that statement makes me sound but every single one of you reading this knows EXACTLY what I mean!

I decided to pick up two of the products, the Facewash and the Daily Scrub. I tried for the first time last night. First impressions? The smell is delicious! I can't comment on how the wash and scrub work just yet as I haven't given them a fair trial, but they haven't broken me out overnight, which is always a good sign!

Both purchases retail cheaply at around £3.00.

What are your go to skincare products? Have you tried anything new recently?

Thank you for reading, as always!

Lots of love,
Amy xxx

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