Sunday, 20 November 2011

This Week's In's & Outs

Hi Ladies,

I hope that you're all well.

I love these kind of posts but looking at my 'In's' photo, I don't know how interesting you'll find this!


- Macbook Pro - Simply my best purchase of all time!

- Jeannie Brewer - A Crack In Forever Book - You need to read this! I must have read it 10 times!

- Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate Bath Bubbles and Lotion - both products remind me of my holiday in Dubai this year with my beautiful friend, Jodie. The products work really well and the smell takes me back there

- Dove Hair Oil Treatment - Not only does it retail cheaply but it works! I use this between shampoo and conditioner and leave it on between 3-10 minutes

- YSL Top Secret Exfoliator - I use this every day. It's so gentle and makes my skin super soft

- Fendi Boots - So comfortable believe it or not and prefect for winter

- Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - Perfect for dry patches. I use on my cuticles and lips mostly

- VO5 Miracle Concentrate - A great alternative for Moroccan Oil (must cheaper too)

- Sudocrem - I use this to moisturise sore skin and to dry up any blemishes

- Models Own Lip Tint In Blackberry - I'm really trying to introduce colour to my lips so this seems to be the best starting point. Really moisturising and gives a sheer berry tint to the lips


- Desperately being in need of a break/holiday

- The last Made In Chelsea episode on Monday

- My Hair - I still hate the colour. It's gradually fading but still

Speak soon!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Amy



  1. Agreed... where is Made In Chelsea.. what is the point of monday evenings without it??

  2. I know!! Apparently they are doing a Christmas Special and then another series!!! x

  3. Those boots look so fab!!! Will have a look into that book :) x