Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Hair Product That REALLY Makes A Difference.....

Hi Ladies,

My friend, Steph, over at A Rapunzel Story mentioned a glossing spray to me a few years ago that really made a difference to the condition and appearance of her hair. She has dark hair but recommended it for lighter hair, like mine.

The product that I am talking about is Inecto Pure Coconut Glossing Spray and it's FANTASTIC!

It retails at about £3.00 in the UK and really is value for money.

I use this on dry hair after it has been styled to give it a gloss (I have blonde hair and it really is noticeable) and I know that Steph sprays hers on to wet hair before she blow dries her hair and then again afterwards.

What products really make a difference to your hair? I'm on the lookout for a really luxurious mask so any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading, as always.

Love, Amy


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