Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What I Do When I Feel 'Blah'

Hi Ladies,

I hope that you’re having a good day.

With the nights drawing in and everyone feeling so cold and ‘blah’, I wanted to write about what I do when I’m feeling a little bit rubbish and either need to relax or need perking up!

Firstly, I go home and put the heating on. Then I run a hot bath and light some candles (any from Yankee or Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir.) When this is running, I’ll grab my trusted Tangle Teezer and brush through my hair for a minute or two then take off my nail varnish on fingers and toes. At this stage, sometimes I’ll add a pre shampoo hair mask. I really like Organix Self Heating Coconut Oil and pure unrefined coconut oil for this. I’ll apply to my hair and put in a turban or hair band.

After this, in the bath, I’ll thoroughly cleanse my face with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (I’ll double cleanse if I’m really pushing the out) then apply Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It to my t-zone. Sometimes I leave this on for a few minutes as a mask.

I’ll scrub my skin with whichever scrub is lying around. I really like the Soap & Glory Flake Away scrub, used with exfoliating mitts, as it smells delicious and leaves a lovely moisturised sheen to the skin.

I’ll move from the bath to the shower to rinse of the residue of the body scrub and the pre-shampoo  away. I’ll follow with the current shampoo and conditioner of choice (at the moment it’s Herbal Essences) then I’ll apply Palmers Protein Pack to my hair.

Leaving the bathroom now in a fluffy robe/dressing gown, I’ll usually make a cup of tea, catch up with blogs or watch some trash on TV (usually Keeping Up With The Kardashians) while the Protein Pack works its magic. After an hour or so, I’ll rinse the hair mask away, detangle with my Tangle Teezer, apply either Moroccan Oil or Organix Argan Oil along with Aussie Lucious Long Leave In Conditioner, then brush through again.

Hair will be left to dry partly naturally and nails will be cut, filed, cuticle cream will be added (loving Number 7 at the moment) then Estee Lauder Base coat will be applied.

I’ll blow dry my hair in sections then will usually run my straighters over the hair (GHD’s)

Eyebrows will be tidied using Tweezerman Tweezers and Liz Earle Tonic will be used on the face with a cotton pad followed a spritz of Caudalie Beauty Elixir then a moisturiser, mask (Origins Drink Up Overnight Intensive) or face oil (Clarins Blue Orchid.)

OPI Nail Envy will be used and nails will either be left natural at this stage or painted (loving Chanel Frenzy and Nails Inc Baker Street polish at the moment.)

I’ll slather myself in Xen Tan in Dark and pop off to bed, quickly shower in the morning and use a lovely body moisturiser such as Bath & Body Works Winder Wonderland, Laura Mercier in Fig or The Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut, Satsuma or Mango.

I hope that you enjoyed reading!

Lots of love,

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