Sunday, 5 February 2012

Project 10 Pan Update

Hi Ladies,

I hope that you're all well and that you're safe in the snow (for all UK readers!)

So, I am feeling so smug at the moment. Why is it so satisfying to use up beauty products?!

If you didn't read one of my previous posts, I decided that I wanted to use up a minimum of ten products before I buy anything else as my cosmetic/make up/product wise as my collection was just getting ridiculous and totally out of hand.

This week, I used up all of the products in the picture above. To be honest, I don't actually want to buy anything else, I'm quite happy using things up (there is the new Limited Edition Chanel Blusher, but I am going to try and resist as I need to save up for New York.)

Here is a run down of the products that I used up this week:

  • Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub - smells delicious and does what it says on the tin! Would I repurchase? Yes!
  • Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter - I love love LOVE this! One tub lasts for AGES and it smells divine! The butter is thick and luxurious but sinks in to the skin quickly with no residue. Would I repurchase? Absolutely!
  • The Body Butter Dreams Unlimited Body Butter - I think this came free with a Glamour Magazine. It's nice and the smaller size. Would I repurchase? Yes but I wouldn't purposefully go looking for it as I feel there are nicer butters in The Body Shop range (such as mango and coconut.)
  • Soap & Glory Flake Away x 2 - this is a similar product to the Breakfast scrub and I love both of them. This leaves a filmy oil on the skin which gives a lovely sheen so sometimes there isn't the need for moisturiser after using this in the bath/shower. Would I repurchase? Yes. 
  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - you know the script here so I won't bore you to tears! Would I repurchase? Yes but I have three other foundations to use up first (see, I AM being disciplined!)
  • Origins Incredible Spreadable - this smells of ginger and is really lovely at Christmas time matched with the Origins Ginger Souffle. Would I repurchase? Yes, around Christmas!
  • Origins Ginger Souffle - really moisturising and leaves a lovely glow to the skin. Would I repurchase? Again, yes, around Christmas.
  • Bastille Dry Shampoo - my hair is so thick and it is getting longer now so takes AGES to wash, use a treatment, dry hair, straighten hair/curl hair, style hair, etc so this is a lifesaver on days that I simply can't be bothered. Would I repurchase? YES!

Do you get a strangely satisfying feeling when you use up your products or is that just me?

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,


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