Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lea's Tag!

Hi Ladies,

I hope that you’re all having a good day.

So, I noticed this tag on the lovely Lea’s blog and thought I’d have a go too! If you haven’t seen her blog, it’s amazing. Beautifully put together with regular posts covering various topics. Plus, she is gorgeous!


- Blush or Bronzer – This is a hard one! I love to use bronzer as a contour and to give me a little bit of colour but some faces can look ‘flat’ without a bit of blusher. Can’t I have both?! I’ll go with bronzer (Nars Laguna) as I could always dab a little lipstick/lipstain on my cheeks I guess

- Lip Gloss or Lipstick - Lipstick, I love MAC Myth to tone down my lips for the day then maybe add a balm to keep things natural for the daytime

- Eye liner or Mascara – Mascara!! At the moment I’m using Dior Diorshow Maximizer as a primer with Benefit They’re Real mascara over the top and I love the look

- Foundation or Concealer – Foundation. Speaking of foundation, if anyone knows where Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation in Light/Medium 03 is in stock, PLEASE let me know!

- Neutral or colour eye shadow - Neutral, 100%

- Pressed or loose eye shadows - Pressed, the last thing that ANYONE needs is eyeshadow all over their face!

- Brushes or Sponges - Brushes, I don't own a sponge.


- OPI or China Glaze - OPI

- Long or short – I change my mind all the time so lets say inbetween!

- Acrylic or natural – Natural. Acrylic nails can look nice but they RUIN your nails

- Brights or Darks - Depends on how I’m feeling. At the moment I have a bright coral on my fingers and toes

Flower or no flower - No flower, too Gypsy Wedding for me, thanks


- Perfume or body splash – Perfume, I’m wearing Jo Malone today

- Lotion or Body Butter - Body butter at night, lotion in the day

- Body wash or soap - Body wash, soaps tend to dry my skin out

-  Lush or other bath company - Lush. I'm loving Lush at the moment


- Jeans or sweat pants - Jeans

- Long sleeve of short - normally short.

 Dresses or skirts - Dresses

- Stripes or plaid – Ummm, stripes I suppose?

- Flip flops or sandals - sandals, I At the moment I’m wearing Black Havianas so I’ll say flip flops. Love sandals too though

-  Scarves or hats - scarves, again, most hats give me a headache (weird, I know)

- Studs or dangly earrings - dangly earrings definitely.

- Necklaces or Bracelets – Necklace, I love my Dogeared Karma necklace at the moment

- Heels or flats - Heels

- Cowboy boots or Riding Boots – Neither, riding I suppose

- Jacket or Hoodie – Jacket usually. Hoodie if I just want to be comfy

- Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe - Forever 21

- Abercombie or Hollister Abercrombie, it seems like everyone has Hollister on at the moment

- Saks 5th or Nordstrom - I'd have to go with Nordstrom


- Curly or straight - Curly

- Bun or ponytail - Ponytail

- Bobby pins or butterfly clips - Bobby pins

- Hair Spray or gel - Hair spray sometimes

-  Long or short – Long. What a long and painful process too!

- Light or dark – Can I say inbetween?

- Side sweep bangs or full bangs - Side

-  Up or down – Down when I have time, up when I don’t!


- Rain or shine – Shine! We don’t have enough sun in the UK

- Summer or winter - Both

- Autumn or Spring - Spring

- Chocolate or vanilla - Vanilla, I love the scent

North or South – North, of course!

If you decide that you want to do this post, or you have already done it, please post the link in the comments box as I'd love to read!

Make sure you take a look at Lea's blog too!

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,


  1. Thanks for the mention :) I love these posts, I get to be nosy! Hats give me a headache too! I think it's maybe because I have too much hair haha x

    Lea x


  2. You're welcome.

    I love them too. It's nice to find out more about someone rather than what their favourite blusher is!

    Me too, it takes an hour to dry mine and the same to straighten so I think we suffer the same hat problem!